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Our Dogs

Front: Arthur, aka " Dooley Dude ", aka " Dude "

Right: Ao​dhan, aka " Buffalo ", aka " Buffy "

Left Attie, aka " Attie Girl ", aka " Sugar Momma "

Back: Bo, aka " Boda Bo ", aka " Sassy "

" BO "

Bo was adopted from Hampshire County Pet Adoption Program and has been with us for almost 12 years now.

He totally loves puppy rides, chasing squirrels ( aka tree bunnies ) in the backyard, treats, and sunbathing!


Attie came into our lives as a stray one day and we decided to foster her and fell in love 6 years ago.

She has an obsession with fetching, power chewing, and a passion for rocks of all sizes!


When Attie came into our lives little did we know she would bless us with puppies! 

Arthur is one of Attie's Puppies we adopted and he is a very cool dude, just look at those eyebrows!


Aodhan is another of Atttie's puppies we adopted, he loves to play fetch and hides the ball from Attie often.

He's one happy guy!